Crime Reduction & Rehabilitation Efforts

I am dedicated to implementing comprehensive strategies to drastically reduce crime in Gwinnett County. This includes fostering partnerships with local municipalities, proactive law enforcement measures, and the facilitation of crime prevention programs.

Enhanced Incentives & Compensation for Staff

We must improve the working conditions and the quality of life for the under appreciated and dedicated deputies and staff of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office. Expect a healthier work environment, attractive incentives, and genuine appreciation for their sacrifice, hard work and dedication to keep both the detainees and citizens safe.

Juvenile-Crime Prevention Initiative

I will spearhead a targeted program specifically designed for teenagers and young adults. Through collaborations with local businesses and trade schools, we will provide summer educational programs and other opportunities to guide our youth away from criminal paths.

Community Ambassador Program

An open-door policy will be immediately enforced, ensuring that both the staff and the community has a voice, particularly on matters concerning our community, children, and local businesses. Their active participation will be valued and encouraged.

Enhanced Collaboration Across Jurisdictions

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing steadfast support to local police municipalities. Our primary focus is on fostering effective communication and sharing vital intelligence to facilitate the apprehension of violent criminals, combat the distribution of dangerous drugs, and address the growing threat posed by violent gangs targeting our youth. Through collective efforts, we will restore safety and security to our businesses, schools, and homes, ensuring a secure environment for all.

Rebuilding Trust between Citizens and Law Enforcement

I expect to be held accountable to the citizens and will transparently share both the successes and challenges faced by my administration and staff. We will establish protocols and policies to ensure fairness in all our operations, aiming for outcomes that best serve the community we proudly protect.

Bring back the Operation Second Chance/Jail Dogs

In 2023, the Jail Dogs program was removed with minimal explanation or warning. This beneficial program should have never been removed. I vow to bring it back and expand it immediately upon my arrival. With your vote and continued support, Jail Dogs will continue to benefit the lives of inmates, staff, and local families.